Dark-Pop/Alternative Electronica since 2002.
Everpresent is Matthew Cahoon, a unique vocalist, keyboardist, percussionist, and composer.

Everpresent was created in January of 2002 to bring a unique blend of dark pop and alternative electronica the current musical landscape. The timeline has been an interesting evolution of musical experimentation combined with a certain degree of commercial appeal, diving into the dance floor, psychological reflection, and sensual energy.

The latest album, 2014’s “Introspekt”, brings Everpresent into new sonic and conceptual territory. With lyrics and concepts that dive into the mind, psychology, and self-examination, this album is more experimental in nature. Elements of industrial rock, techno, ambient, acoustic piano, metal and atmospheric guitars along with some elements of pop combine with an experimental edge to make this the most diverse and deep Everpresent release. It is the group’s first true concept album, best experienced as one story/journey, taking the listener within an inner universe of themselves into their own transformation.

“In My Veins”

“Introspekt” also introduces and incorporates the incredible talents of vocalist/belly dancer/collaborative costume designer Cat Waltzer and virtuoso drummer/arranger/educator, Balint Boldog. Guest artists include spoken word from Ozzie Mandias, Constance Stowers, and The Council. Virtuoso guitarist Mike Woods (who has written, produced, and recorded for Damone, The Voice, Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith, Island/Def Jam/Universal Music group) has contributed his incredible skills to the album as well.

Everpresent’s compositions have appeared as soundtrack music on MTV, the Science Channel, TLC, and the Discovery Channel for various programs. Songs have also been played by DJs in 9 countries on AM, FM, Satellite, and Internet Radio. The group has also opened for Metropolis Records artist, Ego Likeness and Digital Bear Entertainment artist, Vishno. Matthew Cahoon has also toured nationally as a backing musician (on vocals, keyboards, and drums) for multiple artists and is an active voting member for the Grammys (NARAS).

All releases are available through iTunes, CD Baby, as well as the local Boston retail store, Newbury Comics. Visit Everpresent at http://www.everpresent.org