Billionaire Buck

EARTHELL “BILLIONAIRE BUCK” BUCKNER grew up in the Hub of Los Angeles; Compton, California. The mecca of Gangster Rap and current hotspot for some of today’s music high-profile recording artist. Buck learned the definition of self made at an early age as he only had himself to rely upon. Lost his mother as an adolescent, Father’s abandonment entering into youth-hood, on top of surviving on the known violent Compton streets, Built with an AMBITION to not become a statistic, Buck hit the pavement and mastermind a plan to the money.

Began creating music in High School as a form to express his views on life. Buck‘s lyrical abilities have always been described as energetic, flashy, and high-end. Most of his material being filled with references of the latest fashion, TECHNOLOGY, and luxury lifestyle. Upon graduating, while most emcees learn from the ideology of rapper turn businessman, Buck did the 180 and focused on a business venture and put creating music to the side. A decision that appeared to workout very well for the young entrepreneur, several years later and his company in the black, Buck turned his focus back into music and began strategizing his rise in the music industry.

Billionaire Buck has treated his music career much familiar to a business: smart moves, delivering great materials at a convenience with something for everyone to demand. So early in his career, Buck has already worked with several heavy hitters in music: Waka Flocka Flame, Bobby Valentino, and Young Jeezy just to name a few. The 30 year-old is currently working on a new follow up to his latest body of work Apollo, which currently has 27k downloads on and helped raised Buck’s SOCIAL awareness to 259k Twitter followers and triple digit rising follower numbers on both Instagram and Facebook.

Buck is currently gearing up to release his debut Untitled EP scheduled to grace the public very soon. His new record, “Future One Night Stand” is surfacing on airwaves across the web and United States in major marketing areas New York, Florida, and California. Buck is one of the only independent artist with his own Pandora radio station.The Block Ballin’ General will be globetrotting soon, Labels will have to use their frequent flyer miles to catch up to the money.