Huoratron “DDoS”

Huoratron is the solo project of Finland’s Aku Raski. He began making his distinct style
of electronic music in 2002 when he programmed two Game Boy consoles to produce
experimental electro. Since then, the mastermind producer has updated his gear but
maintains the tough sound and raw aesthetics that helped his fan base explode.
Prevenge (2010), his first full length album, was released to rave reviews and spawned
a (NSFW) music video for its first single ‘Corporate Occult’ that went viral, receiving
over 1.7 million views online. Huoratron’s most recent album, Cryptocracy (2012), was
an extremely successful follow-up, receiving an 8 out of 10 from SPIN Magazine, who
called him a ‘Finnish DJ menace’ who ‘treats chipcentric French-style electro to
Ministry jackhammers and brostep menace.’ In addition, Huoratron has also
successfully synced with other musicians, releasing massively popular remixes for
Crystal Castles and M.I.A.

Over the past decade, Huoratron has toured extensively with several successful artists
including Skrillex, Justice and Steve Aoki and has played to enormous crowds at
Coachella, Osheaga and Flow Festival, a few of the largest music festivals in the world.
Huoratron’s live show is unparalleled and his onstage presence and energy is
something to be seen. His raw, experimental sound makes for a ridiculously out of
control and entertaining show that mirrors his heavy music and features all original, live
tracks. On stage, heʼs been called aggressive, loud, intense, and even frightening,
attracting a fervent crowd and somewhat cult-like fan base that varies greatly and (for
obvious reasons) includes a lot of heavy metal fans