“They could be the next SCORPIONS! That is what I think and feel. America…get ready for Unbreakable!” Comparing an up-and-coming band to one of the most successful hard rock/heavy metal acts of all time should not be taken lightly. But when the quote is attributed to none other than former Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell (who provided the beat on countless ’80s rock classics – “No One Like You,” “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” “Big City Nights,” etc.), you most certainly have to take it seriously. Rarebell knows first hand about the talent and power of Unbreakable, as he served as the producer of the German band’s new album, ‘Knockout.’
Comprised of Al Crespo (vocals), Martin Ries (guitar), Pascal Alles (guitar), Lukas Mittler (bass), and Alex Ries (drums), Unbreakable combines colorful melodies with the spicy hard rock riffs. This is all imprinted in their latest recording, ‘Knockout.’ – the guys bring an explosive new sound inspired in the good old rock classics.. As the band explains, “Unbreakable is a philosophy. Five friends have the same vision, to play live in front of their fans and making music together. And this philosophy, passion and music is Unbreakable.”
Having recently signed a record deal with the hard rock and metal label Dark Star Records (based in Chicago), the label works in association with Sony Music Entertainment, which will undoubtedly help introduce Unbreakable to U.S. rock fans and beyond. ‘Unbreakable’ will be released in America in June 2014. After finishing the album the guys are extremely pleased with the end result. “We love all the songs, each song has his own and special history. The lyrics are real life stories.They are real and no fantasy stories. Our crazy Rock n’ Roll tales ! Our lead-off single, ‘Rock the Nightlife,will give you a little taste of what living on the road feels like”

“Rock the Nightlife”


And there are many other tracks off the album that hold a special place for Unbreakable. “We have eight rock songs like ‘Obsession,’ Rock the Nightlife, and ‘Knockout,’ and three ballads ‘In Your Heart’ , ‘Come Back to Me’ and ‘We are dreamers’. ‘Obsession is a song that gives you the advice to never give up in your life and believe in your dreams and visions. ‘Knockout’ will leave you, right after pressing play, deaf, blind nad wanting more!!! When you are listening to this song, it’s like a knockout! And, it’s about the hot girl next to you in your bed. The ballad ‘In Your Heart’ has a special feeling when we play it live. It’s a magic moment. Love and music is the key, all people have the same feelings, no matter what language you speak or which nationality you belong.”
Once the album drops, Unbreakable plan to hit the road hard, showing the world that they can rock and party with the best. “You can expect a high energy rock show and hard power chord guitar riffs with melodic solos, a high metallic voice and driving drum rock beats. We feel like home wherever the stage is!”
And lastly, Unbreakable leaves up a hint what to expect from the band in the future. “Conquer the world with music and become one of the best 20 rock bands in the world. And to play as headliner in Madison Square Garden in New York!”
Soon, the U.S. will discover the power of Unbreakable.