The Mystery Men

Hailing from the Grimlak System & weighing in at 236 kilos, we present to you the Intergalactic Rock N Roll Luchador Warriors known as The Mystery Men!!!!!

The Mystery Men are a musical collective composed of Intergalactic Warriors versed in the art of Lucha Libre. These fearless, masked combatants have brought their brand of “Lucha Rock” to stages all over the northeast USA. With performances full of Hope, Shine & a little bit of Heat, The Mystery Men entertain crowds with a blend of innovative Highspots and smarky psychology. Watch The Elbow!

The band, comprised of many recognizable and respected musicians, whose names will remain secret, came out in full lucha gear and embraced their gimmick of being a rock ‘n’ roll band from “The Grimlak System.” (That’s a Transformers reference for those wondering). But what was most impressive and what literally shocked many in the audience, is that this band is SICK. They band decided to pull out a set of improvised instrumental jams and showed that they’re more than just a gimmick…they are awesome”.
~ Bill Bodkin – Editor in Chief – Pop

Watch the official music video for “Keep My Heat On”