Hysterical Sublime

Hysterical Sublime are an Italian indie band from Palermo, formed in 2011 by Angelo Di Mino. The band consists of Angelo Di Mino (songwriter, lead vocals and cello), Francesco Incandela (violin/mando), Gianlorenzo Mungiovino (guitars), Luca La Russa (bass) and Simone Sfameli (drums/programming). The band is characterized by a unique sound resulting from the instrumental heterogeneity that mixes sounds coming from pop/rock and electronic music with strings in a new way, exploring several musical scenarios with no limits. In February 2013 the band recorded their debut EP “Colour” at Officine Meccaniche Studio in Milan, produced, recorded and mixed by Marco Trentacoste (Le Vibrazioni/Deasonika/Rezophonic/Bluvertigo) and issued three videoclips for three of the four songs contained in the EP, including “Colour”, directed by the visual artist Luca Trevisani and realized at MACRO (the museum of contemporary art of Rome). The EP “Colour” was released on 22 January 2014.

Check out the official music video for “Where”