Lil Six

Lil Six has been performing throughout North Louisiana and other surroundings areas working with local radio station KMJJ and world famous DJ Bay Bay. Recently signing his 1st Major Label Deal with Bungalo Records INC./ Universal Music Group Distribution March 26th, 2013. Using his youth and maturity as motivation, Lil Six understands he has the time to grow into a powerful media mogul. As CEO of his own label, Thug World Entertainment, Lil Six is already employing his own assault of artists.

Growing up in Shreveport, LA in a small ‘hood called North Pines, Lil Six dreams of leaving his current living situation and providing a way out for his family through working hard and staying on course with God. “Everyday I wake up and know that God is blessing me and He doesn’t have to is the highest point of my life. Nothing in the world amounts to that.” Lil Six recognizes that God has given him the talent to rhyme and he has not wasted any time.

When you hear or see the number 6, what comes into your mind – evil? Unlucky? Well, in this day and age the “N” word is a term of endearment, 30’s are considered 20’s, so, therefore, starting now, the number 6 will be considered something powerfully good, fortunate, and also one of the hottest rappers rising out of Da Boot, Lil Six.

Grabbing his name and using it as a permanent reminder to himself and enlightening the world that he wrote his first rhyme at the age of 6, this North Louisiana native has subconsciously directed his mind towards fame and fortune. Many rappers today use the lack of financial opportunities along with poor living situations as legitimate means to jump start their desires for more in the world. Lil Six adds into the equation his belief in God and using his mother’s advice as inspiration.

Watch the official music video for “My Lil Hood Chick”