Phil Jones Band

Hidden deep in one of America’s most beautiful islands, Kauai, Phil Jones and his band have been crafting a remarkably enlightening blend of world infused electro-rock.

Phil is a native Californian with a background in music that dates to his early childhood singing and playing guitar for various bands. Now, he writes a different kind of song, imbued with the spiritual understandings only years of travel and self-reflection could inspire. His song writing is intended to spark positive change, love, religious tolerance, racial equality, peace and personal evolution in a fast paced and changing world. With an ultimate goal of changing the world in a positive way, Phil sees no better tool for this purpose than the power of song.

“Summer Days”

This mellow yearning for a better world is reminiscent of Jack Johnson, while his deep, gritty voice and penetrating wisdom resounds like a surf soaked Leonard Cohen. Songs, “The Perfect Wave” and “The Golden Race”, have a similar feel to Mr. Cohen’s seminal album, “The Future”, with its acoustic prowl and mystical qualities – slightly tinged with Moby like electronic undercurrents. But that is about as close as one can come to boxing in the dynamic sound on Raise Up, Phil Jones’ forthcoming LP.

His songs tend to come to him in dreams and just as effortlessly transform into full-blown arrangements via his extremely talented band of local players. They insist on keeping things light, even though the subject matter can get a bit heavy. He explains, “As soon as it gets too serious or we push too hard, things don’t work out.” Which seems to not only apply to writing music, but the way Phil looks at his entire experience.

Besides music – family, personal growth and enjoyment top the bill. He owns Pure Hawaii, a custom spa private home resort throughout the Hawaiian Islands that welcomes people to enjoy the finer things in life. His passion for living life to its fullest, becoming a better human, and surrounding himself with beauty shines through in his song. That is what he hopes his music will spark within people as well.

Phil invites you to open your heart and enjoy the ride

Watch the official video for “For What Its Worth” by the Phil Jones Band