M.E.K. is signed to the Las Vegas based record label, Lims Records. She is the leading artist of the label and was signed in February of 2012 and feels very fortunate to be playing such a big role in the growth and development of the label as well as her own music.  M.E.K. has been a musician her entire life, starting on the piano at age 4. She has always loved singing and performing in all aspects, from Hip hop to musical theatre. She loves and does it all.

M.E.K. is very determined and focused on her dreams. She, along with her entire label, believe that it is possible to reach the main stream level in the music industry while remaining completely INDEPENDENT. “With the right mindset, belief, and work ethic, anything is possible,” she quotes.

M.E.K. has recently released her debut single “We Are Ready” on i-tunes and all other major music sites. The song is dance/pop and contains a powerful message to the rising generation. Keep your eyes and ears open for M.E.K. and Lims Records. They are ready to take the world by storm.

Check out the official music video for “We Are Ready”