Influenced by world music, Tensi brings a genuine feel to the artistic expression of music. Incorporating pulsating beats and clever lyrics, her debut single, “Take Me Ova” is simply fun and delightful. A must hear! This singer-songwriter, instrumentalist magically uses her music to speak to the world. Come inside and join this journey. This 17 year old from Southern California has a special way with lyrics… and the more you listen, the more intrigued you’ll become.
Tensi is a 2013 graduate from Irvine High School in Orange County CA. She plans to attend college in the Fall, and simultaneously pursue her dream in the world of music. Tensi started off playing the electric guitar. She played mostly classic rock and was heavily influenced by Guns n Roses. Today she is influenced by music around the world from such artist as Rain, Glukoza, Aster Aweke, Yezina Negash Teddy Afro, Shy’m, Monsieur Nov and Celia Cruz. She loves Josephine Baker and her life story.
Tensi begin her singing career performing Korean music (Kpop) at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles. She seems to find an inner peace and self-confidence in performing. It allows her to let go. She feels like her alter ego comes out and takes control of the show. Tensi says when she performs, she no longer feels shy and afraid to be herself. It provides her a forum to be free. She transforms from the shy, timid loner to the Pop Powerhouse!
She enjoys acting, writing music, photography and most of all learning languages from around the globe. Tensi likes going to movies, Disneyland and shopping.
Tensi is currently working on her debut EP, featuring the single, “Take Me Ova” that speaks in the languages of the world through popular music.