Danny Stoddard

A unique situation between an artist and producer, where artist development can be considered an understatement, has bred a new young artist to keep an eye on. An 18 year old with a hardcore/metal background that captures the aggressive, dark, and complex nature of the genre, who mixes in melodic vocals and relatable lyrics that create passionate, hard rock. With his new single “There’s No In Between” (in which he plays every instrument and sings), to follow-up his debut EP, Danny Stoddard is one of a kind.

Adopted at 18 months old from an orphanage in Bulgaria, Danny began playing the piano when he was just 8 years old. At the age of 10, he found the drums, his “holy grail” of an instrument and a device to release his deep-rooted emotions. His parents immediately enrolled him at a local drum shop for private lessons, where he was assigned to instructor Matty Amendola. Danny and Matty have worked together ever since (2 hour sessions twice a week for 8 years)! Matty focused on teaching Danny the fundamentals of groove and “how to play for the song,” by studying the likes of the Beatles and Herbie Hancock. Matty says, “The story is amazing! I started teaching Danny drums when he was 10, guitar and a little bit of bass around 12-13, and then he came to me and said ‘I want to put out a solo album just like you. I want to play everything and sing.’”

In June of 2012, Danny released his debut EP; Melinda Rose and had a quick jump-start into the industry with help from producer/songwriter Matty Amendola. By Amendola giving his protégé all that he could through production, songwriting and marketing assistance, Danny’s name quickly started showing up on indie music blogs and radio worldwide. His music was compared to the likes of Memphis Mayfire and HIM to elements of some more popular alternative rock bands like Pierce The Veil and Foo Fighters.

Danny is now ready to release a brand new single “There’s No In Between” a track with aggressive double kick patterns, distorted melodic chord structures, and major dynamics in emotion. The chorus has a melody and hook that really showcases the mature lyrics and vulnerability of Danny’s artistry. “There’s No In Between” was mixed with the help of Grammy Award Winning engineer, Butch Jones who says, “I am totally impressed with how far Danny has come since his first release. I can actually hear him living the performance.” The track was produced, co-written, recorded, and mixed by Matty and mastered by Hans Dekline (Lisa Loeb & Snoop Dog).

There is a definite growth in instrumentation, lyrics and vocal performance by Danny since the release of the Melinda Rose EP and that is due to the endless hours of studio time, songwriting lessons, instrument lessons, vocal training and an overall education from his mentor. Matty says, “I don’t see any hardcore/metal acts or artists who have songwriting this mature or the choruses, hooks, and presence to cross over to mainstream radio. Danny is the artist that can make it happen.”