The Trip

What happens when you add 1 part Canadian and 1 part Australian? Nobody knows, but this little experiment will go on. After spending lots of time down in Australia, The Trip have decided to make North America our home. Spending time in between their beloved Canada and Los Angeles, The Trip aim to travel the road as far as it will take them, playing their music and eating at road stop diners till their hearts stop. The Trip may even make some strange videos on the way.

Now back in the motherland of the great Canada, The band is back to it’s original members of Marco and Chad, but there is a mystery surrounding the disappearance of past member Wes. Some say that a wild mountain animal took control of his body, and left his head on a wall as a trophy in some cabin in the woods.

The Trip want you respond to one thing only: the way their songs make you feel.
Spending long days in the wilderness of Canada can change the perspective of any man.. They say out there, the wild animals rule..