Bullit are a tight 3 piece Rock/New-wave band from Brighton UK that are
being tipped for big things. They have played extensively up and down the
country for the last year and continue to gig reguarly. The music Bullit play
and the huge sound they create is circulating back into the current music
scene for the first time since the 70s.

Bullit have attracted interest from a major label developer, while working
with them for the last year they are now waiting for the right time to launch
Bullit in to the public eye.

However, Bullit are an incredibly hard working band and are big believers
in DIY. Their fans are what matters, inspiring people and hearing what they
have to say is key to them. It’s only recently that Bullit have incorporated a
small dedicated team around them due to a rapidly increasing deman. The
band have had huge radio success in America as the only unsigned band A-
listed for College radio stations across the entire country.

Bullit have proved themselves as pioneers of incorporating a 70s influence
into the modern era. The band’s sound has clear roots to their musical
inspirations and Bullit are keen to prove that this style will cause a stir in the
music industry again.

Bullit’s key influences include The Police, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Kings Of
Leon and Foo Fighters. Here’s a statement from Brightons most respected
music events organiser Mark Stack:

“I first saw Bullit at a battle of the bands heat and booked them for my
Zooberon night on the spot (they eventually took 2nd place in the regional
finals). At the Zooberon, music industry people flew in especially to check
them out, that’s how good this band is. Engaging, embracing, musically
astute with great songs, this band has a great future ahead.