Leah McKendrick “Sick” World Premiere on VEVO

Los Angeles California’s own independent Pop star Leah McKendrick has debuted her brand new video “Sick” on Vevo.

At a glance, Leah McKendrick appears to be your run of the mill pop startlet fresh out of the Britney factory. She’s got a team of genetically blessed backup dancers, an affinity for catchy hooks, an array of belly-bearing videos on Youtube and yes, she loves Britney Spears. However, take a closer look and you’ll see: she’s anything but. For starters, Leah’s got one title on her resume unheard of in the pop realm: College graduate.

Probably most unique, is Leah’s dichotomous nature: part visionary performer, part decisive businesswoman. She produces all of her videos and shows, handling everything from what her dancers wear, to hiring editors and makeup artists to designing flyers. Leah is one inde on her way to the top, one shattered blonde stereotype at a time.

Check out her brand new video for “Sick”

For more info on Leah McKendrick check out her official website Here