Sunspot Jonz

Sunspot Jonz grew from the East Oakland soil that kills so many of its own seeds. Resilience, intellect, and the gift of gab allowed him to overcome more challenges in his youth than most people face in a lifetime. As a response to the environment in which he lived, and so many of the homies died, Sunspot kept the original vision of Hip Hop alive, with a four track and dream, hustling tapes on Telegraph Ave., guerilla style, a warehouse livin’, Top Ramen eatin’ savage, sending a different message than all the other MC’s in the game. His life experience made him know that any human being can control their own destiny. Any human being can choose to ignore the negativity that society attempts to force upon us, and choose a different reality. Sunspot Jonz is a visionary. Through Music and Film, he has provided others a glimpse in to his reality, and a chance to tap in to one of the longest running messages of self empowerment in Hip Hop. Since he pressed his first album in 1995 and convinced Amoeba music to let him use their shrink wrap machine and sell his homemade tapes, he has been about sharing his vision, intellect, and insights, and shining a light on the injustice and inequity that exists in the world, culturally, socially, and politically. Sunspots message has always been one of possibility, of hope, and of change, long before the terms came in vogue. Sunspot pursued these ideals with a Revolutionary tenacity unmatched by any in the industry and always strived to create social action, through his contributions to the world. The beats are always tight, and sometimes songs are entertaining, funny, BANGIN, or get your groove on smooth, but somewhere, buried in there is a pearl of wisdom, or social commentary waiting to be unwrapped. Sunspots vision, sense of community, and example founded legendary Hip Hop groups Mystik Journeyman and Living Legends, and provided a whole roster of talented MC’s beats to rhyme on, before they could make their own. The first to invest in a sampler, SunSpot also began sampling musical genres and making beats and sampling songs, and sounds from around the world, that others hadn’t experimented with yet. From Mt. Fuji, to the Outback to Europe and all over N. America Sunspot Jonz has performed and spread the gospel of underground Hip Hop world wide. Every where he goes, and everything he does he makes the impossible, possible. Positively motivating the world to do something, anything, different than the current insanity, he consistently makes something from nothing. He created a genre where there was none, created a market from nothing, and then began marketing and promoting himself in to, show after successful show, while the whole time people told him that he couldn’t do it. Underground HipHop is thriving and alive, and especially in Cali, this is true because of Sunspot Jonz tireless efforts not only to produce, promote, and support not only his own music, but the efforts of others in the genre he helped create. He has done as much to unite the scene as anyone else. He does what he does for all the people in his life that have told him he would fail, and for the sheer beauty of proving them wrong. Sunspot as always told the alternative story of HipHop to the one being told in the main stream. From his fist albums, and then big shows like Unsigned and Hella Broke, his vision as always served as a reality check to corporate Hip Hop and as a force to unite the underground. His love of Hip Hop has made him a prolific artist, releasing albums and music videos at an amazing pace. Even when it looks like he’s doing nothing, he’s making something happen. The work of a Producer, an MC, an Artist, a song writer, a sound engineer, a script writer, a director, an actor, a poet, a dreamer, and a visionary, is never done. Through his work as a solo artist, as Mystik Journeymen, and Living Legends he has on average four releases per year since 1997, and that’s not including all of the guest appearances on other folks albums he’s done. His newest album named “The Darkside of Heaven” is slated for release through Indystar records early 2009 and it’s some of his best work yet.
Sunspot’s ability as a businessman, honed as a hustla, are on par with his creative side. Revenge entertainment, Outhouse Records, Spare Change productions, Dreamzcape, Sunspot has a business for just about everything required to run a media empire, and they are all producing product right now. As a director for Dreamzcape Sunspot has directed a Living Legends video in rotation on MTV and has a feature film SonnyDreamweaver set to release in Sunspot’s relentless search for new sounds, and creating community. With a full performance schedule, and several film releases Sunspot has never been more focused on continuing to create markets, and music, and filling the seats. A revolutionary, a pioneer, Sunspot Jonz, can never be stopped.